Past Presidents

Unfortunately, as you can see below, our current records only extend to Michaelmas term 1995. Though previous research has established that Oliver Vassall-Phillips was the inaugural president at the Society’s foundation in 1878 (he had been received into the Church the same year), those who have held the position in the intervening century are not currently known.

If you know someone who was president, or indeed you took on the role yourself, then please write to us by clicking on the envelope icon above — we’d love to hear from you! Our history is very important to us and it would be fantastic to have a complete record and any other information, memories, or souvenirs for the Newman Society Archive, kindly housed by the Bodleian Library.

MT20 – Rebecca Galbraith (University)

HT/TT20 – Liam Cain (Keble)

MT19 – Naoise Grenham (Christ Church, formerly LMH)

HT/TT19 – Giovanni Pala (Magdalen)

18 – Joshua Caminiti (Trinity)

17 – Jamie Wilmore (Trinity)

16 – William Maddock III (Blackfriars, later Brasenose)

15 – Natalie Dennehy (St John’s)

14 – Nathan Pinkoski (St Edmund’s Hall)

MT13 – Josephine Jackson (St Edmund’s Hall)

HT/TT13 – Roberto Weeden-Sanz (St Benet’s Hall) [Cllr. for Barnet London Borough, elected 3.V.2018]

MT12 – Bryan Beom Sohn (St Edmund’s Hall)

New Constitution produced, changing, inter alia, presidencies to one calendar year by default.

TT12 – Sofia Abasolo (Merton)

MT10-HT12– Timothy Sherwin (Merton)

TT10 – Conor Ganon (Wolfson)

HT10 – Hubert MacGreavy (St. Peter’s)

MT09 – Emeric Monfront (Christ Church)

TT09 – Jocky McLean (Christ Church)

HT09 – Patrick Milner (Keble) [second term]

MT08 – Patrick Milner (Keble)

TT08 – Mark Hamid (Corpus) [one day Presidency]

TT08 – Paul Fleming (Mansfield)

HT08 – Yaqoob Bangash (Keble)

MT07 – Michael Ryan (Brasenose)

TT07 – Laura Barrosse-Antle (St. John’s)

HT07 – Darren Pius Collins (Keble) [Ordained Priest of the O.Praem. 1.II.2016]

MT06 – Alexander Morrison (Oriel)

TT06 – Matthew Allen (St. Benet’s)

HT06 – Alexander Stafford (St. Benet’s) [MP for Rother Valley, elected 12.X.2019]

MT05 – Samuel Jacobs (St. Benet’s)

TT05 – Katherine Shaw (Merton)

HT05 – Sinead Doyle (Trinity)

MT04 – Sede vacante

TT04 – Patricia Boon (St. Hilda’s)

HT04 – Francis Murphy (Trinity)

MT03 – Richard Pickett (Exeter)

TT03 – Richard Eschwege (Balliol)

HT03 – Jonathan Gress-Wright (Merton)

MT02 – Edward Davies (Oriel)

TT02 – James Mearns (Keble)

HT02 – Dom John Wisdom, O.S.B. (St. Benet’s)

MT01 – Edmund Lovett (St. Benet’s)

TT01 – Christopher Guyver (Keble)

HT01 – Br. Hugh Allan, O.Praem. (St. Benet’s) [Abbot and Apostolic Administrator of the Falkland Islands; ordained Priest 22.XI.2002]

MT00 – Julian Waterfield (Exeter)

TT00 – Richard McCarthy (Oriel)

HT00 – Emily Boon (St. Hughs)

MT99 – Lee Barrett (Queen’s) [Ordained Priest 25.VII.2009]

TT99 – Gregory Flash (St. Hugh’s)

HT99 – Marcus Williams (Christ Church) [Ordained Priest 2018]

MT98 – Francis Lee (Merton)

TT98 – Adam Fimister (Exeter)

HT98 – Marcus Holden (St. Benet’s) [Ordained Priest 10.IX.2005]

MT97 – Alexander Anderson (St. Benet’s)

TT97 – Uwe Michael Lang (St. John’s) [Ordained Priest of the Cong. Orat. Lond. 2004]

HT97 – Marie Cabaud (LMH)

MT96 – Alexander Master (Corpus) [Ordained Priest 2004.]

TT96 – Mark Richmond (Balliol)

HT96 – Nicholas Schofield (Exeter) [Ordained Priest 24.V.2003]

MT95 – Ashley Paver (St. Hugh’s)

1878 – Oliver R. Vassall-Phillips (Balliol) [Ordained Priest of the C.Ss.R. 29.IX.1884]