Sunday Mass Times

Oxford University Catholic Chaplaincy

Rose Place, St Aldates
All year: 9am (said), 11am (sung)
Wks 0 – 8 only: 5.45pm (said), 9pm (sung)


St Giles
6.15pm Saturday Evening (Conventual Mass of Saturday)
8am (said)
9.30am (Family Mass)
6.15pm Conventual Mass of Sunday (joined with Vespers)

Oxford Oratory

Woodstock Road
6.00pm (Vigil Mass)
8.00am (Low Mass, EF)
9.30am (Parish Mass – Sung English)
11.00am (Solemn Mass – Sung Latin, OF)
6.30pm (Said English)

St Benet’s (during term time)

St Giles

Holy Rood Catholic Church

Abingdon Road
5.00pm (Vigil Mass, Ordinariate Usage, sung in term time)
7.30pm (Vigil Mass, OF, Portuguese)
11.15am (Parish Mass – Sung English)

Greyfriars Church

Iffley Road
6.30pm (Vigil Mass)
9am, 11am, 5.30pm