Crossword Solutions

Issue 3: Cryptic Crossword


1. Singing as confused lady mops (8) PSALMODY

4. Clubs hurry to obtain continent (6) CHASTE

7. Financier, abandoning small whim, coerces a jig disastrously (8,6) WOJCIECHMAGIER

10. Forced walking all the way to somewhere in Wales (5,7) ROUTEMARCHES

15. Saul transformed by Latin praise (4) LAUS

17. Laughter at Sant’Angelo, largely (3) LOL

18. One might eat this on Fridays for the hell of it, I’ve heard? (7) HALIBUT

19. Endlessly need what she was before marriage (3) NEE

20. French abbey losing early bar – it’s for the sauce! (4) ROUX

21. Twisted against power, deliver ring (12) CONTRAPPOSTO

26. He has fortune told to enhance rad buzz, strangely (14) NEBUCHADNEZZAR

28. When hundreds go before a pagan deity, there is harmony (6) CHORUS

29. The Lord’s lands sensed me failing (8) DEMESNE


1. Machinery Fr Matthew uses to keep up energy? (5,5) POWERPLANT

2. Permissible to remove cardinal from interview (5) LICIT

3. Fish having come back up, called a medic (3) DOC

5. Abandoned unto huge French Protestant (8) HUGUENOT

6. She takes masculine boatbuilder’s son (4) SHEM

8. A tree? In Israel, maybe so (3) ELM

9. She, compared to Herodias, lacks what is hateful, it’s said (3) HER

11. Loan shark catches ancient city in deceptive ruse (6) USURER

12. Valiant drunk carries off New Testament into Spanish city (5) AVILA

13. This is something Spaniards say round us to the Anointed (6) OLEOUS

14. Second-in-command has horribly lax ironers (4,6) ALEXNORRIS

16. Ethiopian bishop assigns cardinal to Nigerian capital, removing Jesuit first (5) ABUNA

18. Honour lost an ancient city, but with a couple of conveniences, we say, it can produce a modern one (8) HONOLULU

22. Devastated Aaron leaves behind a ring for his messenger (3) RNA

23. Domestic goddess’s husband? (3) PAN

24. Moves slowly having put zoo back outside elephants (5) OOZES

25. Tyrant replaces hero’s leader with knight (4) NERO

27. What you give the Devil when you return his books? (3) DUE