From the Editor: Albeit a day late when transferred, here is a very informative post on St George from our resident expert on Medieval Britain and President of the Newman, Aloysius Surely England could have a better patron than St George? He wasn’t from here, he never came here. England […]

‘St George’, by Aloysius Atkinson

From the Editor: Happy St Patrick’s Day from all here at the Newman! To celebrate, here’s a post from Oran! Happy St Patrick’s Day! This is the day where people throughout the world celebrate their Irish heritage. With parades, the wearing of shamrocks and Irish music, everything that is traditional […]

‘St Patrick’, by Oran Gartland

From the Editor: As we reach the end of a term (hopefully in one piece), here’s a reflection on Oxford and the academic vocation by the Benetian philosopher in residence (I hear his nickname is Confucius, can’t think why…)! Perhaps it will inspire you for next term… What does Oxford […]

‘Oxford: Impressions’, by Andrei Lambert

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt 18:20) While this line is said by Our Lord in the context of fraternal correction, since coming to Oxford, it has gained a new meaning for me. It speaks about the […]

There am I in the midst of them