Nick Champness

From the Editor: On the occasion of a rather odd event, here’s a piece about one of this country’s first saints. Enjoy! An unusual – perhaps unique – liturgy took place this week: a relic of St Chad was transferred from the Catholic cathedral in Birmingham to Lichfield, where it […]

‘St Chad’, by Aloysius Atkinson

Dom Pierre-Célestin René Lou Tseng-Tsiang OSB was a remarkable man with a remarkably long name, every part of which has a little to say about him. He was born in 1871, during the declining Qing dynasty. His family name was Lou (pronounced Lu, written 陸), and his given name was Tseng-Tsiang, […]

Christ and Confucius in Belgium

Many congratulations and very well done to all of you who found out today that you’re coming up to Oxford in the autumn. The Newman Society is so excited to welcome you.  We are one of Oxford’s oldest societies. Founded 144 years ago in 1878 by Hartwell de la Garde Grissell (Brasenose […]

Welcome to the Newman!