About Us

The Newman Society: The Oxford University Catholic Society is the student society for Catholics studying at Oxford University, through our range of speakers and social events, we aim to provide a thriving Catholic community amongst the students of the university, to work in conjunction with the Chaplains to support and encourage Catholic students in their Christian vocation by promoting their personal, intellectual and spiritual development, social interaction, and apostolic witness within the broad context of their university experience.

Our History

The Newman Society was founded in 1878 as a society for the Catholic student members of the University of Oxford. Its name was adopted in honour of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman with his consent. In 2009 the St Thomas More Lectures were founded by the Newman Society to bring persons of international eminence to lecture in Oxford on subjects of Catholic interest.

At the beginning of Trinity Term 1990, the Roman Catholic Chaplains to the University of Oxford invited those students currently serving as Chaplaincy representatives in their colleges and those students representing the various groups attached to the Chaplaincy to discuss with them the setting up a further means of promoting the well-being and apostolate of the Catholic student body throughout the University. As a result, the University Catholic Society was brought into being.

In 2012 the Newman Society and the Oxford University Catholic Society agreed to join together as a single society for Catholic members of the University giving witness in the University to the unity and catholicity of the Church to preserve the name of the Newman Society and to make provision for the continuation of the St Thomas More Lectures by merging to create one Society to be known as “The Newman Society: Oxford University Catholic Society”.