Monthly archives: September 2017

‘I no longer call you servants…but friends’ John 15:15 This line, I think, sums up how my faith has changed while at Oxford and how I feel God in my life. Before university, God was very much in the background; church was an obligation, an unalterable fact, but there was […]

I no longer call you servants, but friends

He shall sit alone and he shall be silent, because he has taken the yoke upon himself. Lamentations 3:28                       Discernment weighs heavily on many Catholic students, attempting to figure out how we’re called to spend the next sixty or […]

He shall sit alone and be silent

But He, passing through the midst of them, went His way. Luke 4:30 St. Luke, having just narrated that the Lord had been taken by force, ‘thrust out of the city’, and brought by a crowd angry to the point of murder, then goes on to make the bizarre statement […]

Passing through the midst of them